About Me

I'm a 34 year old IT guy.

Okay, so this is where I tell you a bit about myself.  Well I am 34 years old, I work full time in web hosting and have a very mixed career background that has ranged from cooking, management, website & WordPress development and now web hosting.

My interest in technology started when I was a kid, pullining apart my parents devices in the early 90’s and only grew from there. 

I spend the better part of 15 years working various hospitality roles from line cook, to head chef and management, always taking on a bit of freelance website (mainly WordPress) development work along the way.  The majority of my knowledge and skill set up to this point were self taught from reading articles and tutorials on websites much like this one!

This is a picture of me, Adam Langley

It wasn’t until my 30’s that I chose to continue a formal IT based education and began to seek a full time career behind the keyboard and mouse, I’m a late starter (formally) I know, but I wouldn’t trade in my experiences for anything in the world.

This website, is powered by WordPress and uses the MH Tech Magazine theme (child theme) by MH Themes with a few modifications to the child theme of my own.

I plan to post new articles, tutorials, code snippets and templates and downloadable resources as often as possible.  I hope you find my site useful for whatever you use it for.