Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS 7

The process involved in installing/setting up cPanel/WHM access whilst it can be time consuming, it is quite simple and I am going to walk you through the process in this article. 

Before we begin, the following is assumed;

  1. You have a fresh instance of CentOS 7 installed.
  2. You have root access to the server and can log in via SSH.
1. Log into your CentOS 7 server as root via SSH

Assuming you have just installed CentOS 7 to your server and have root login access, log into your server via SSH

2. Install Perl, Curl & Nano

Using the following commands, install the latet versions of perl, nano and curl to your server.

yum install perl -y && yum install nano && yum install curl

3. Set a hostname for your server.

Use the “hostnamectl set-hostname” command to set a hostname for your server.

hostnamectl set-hostname whm.yourhostname.ext

4. Disable NetworkManager

Using the following commands,stop and disable the NetworkManager service;

systemctl stop NetworkManager.service` &
systemctl disable NetworkManager.service

5. Edit 'ifcfg-eth0' and 'ifcfg-lo' if required.

Navigate to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and then using your choice of text editor , set the following values accordingly with the following commands.

(Only update the values if they exist, if they do not exist, do not create them!)

Values to update if required;


To navigate to the correct folder;

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

To edit the appropriate configuration files;

`nano ifcfg-eth0 & nano ifcfg-lo

6. Restart the network.

Issue the following two commands to enable and restart the network service.

systemctl enable network.service &
systemctl start network.service

7. Download the latest cPanel installer script to the home directory and then run the installer.
The following part of the process is the most time consuming part, downloading and installing cPanel.  For this part of the process we will be working from the /home directory.

Navigate to the /home directory;

cd /home

Download the latest cPanel installer script;

curl -o latest -L

Install cPanel – (Takes anywhere from 15 mins to a couple of hours depending on your server resources);

sh latest

8. Complete the remaining setup steps in your web browser.

Once the shell based installer has completed, you would nagivate to your WHM login URL and log in as root to complete the setup.

Your WHM login page will be your servers host name or IP address, followed by either port 2086 or 2087.

For example – – OR – http://123.456.789:2086

WHM/cPanel is a licensed product which offer a 15 day trial period before which time a product license is then required to use the product.  Product licensing for cPanel/WHM can be purchased from

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